cerebral palsy

Beth Moulam CP Athlete with GB at Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

I might look disabled to others, but as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because I’m surrounded every time we meet by technology does not...

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Beth Moulam Paralympian at The Vale Primary School leading assembly on dreams, hard work and resilience.

Marching on

My last blog post was about stepping back from boccia and retiring as an elite athlete. I’ve known for a long time what I wanted to do when I had...

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Beth Moulam, boccia athlete, in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games athlete village in front of the agitos logo. Wearing pale blue GB kit, hat and sunglasses on head. Reflections on stepping back from boccia

Stepping back

Stepping back from elite sport can always be a challenge. Especially so when on the face of things you are succeeding and people see you on a roll. Then, when...

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Beth Moulam, overcoming adversity in sport

Adversity in sport

Last week I was short-listed for a CP Sport award for overcoming adversity in sport.  I’m not sure who had put me up for the award and I was pleasantly...

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Beth Moulam, female with CP, BC3 boccia athlete. Wearing red GB sports kit

Levelling up the playing field

The future of boccia is changing, what we are seeing is a levelling of the playing field.  In fact, as of this week, it is a reality, we have the...

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Beth Moulam, boccia athlete at closing ceremony Tokyo 2020 with Christie Hutchings sports assistant. Wearing red and blue GB kit and masks.

Staying clean

Elite-level sport must be the only time in life when you are expected to wee in front of an absolute stranger.  It’s necessary to prove that the sample of urine...

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A new look

I'm getting excited, on Tuesday this week after months of work I will be relaunching my website. It has a whole new look but still with a focus on lived...

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UK guidance on accessible homes

I've blogged before about why I ended up building my own home, sadly I couldn't find anything that met my needs as a power chair user. Based on my experiences...

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