The AAC Connection

Back in September 2023 a friend, Joanna Holmes (aka MummyvsAAC) and I got together to speak at the annual Communication Matters conference in Leeds.  We had met at the 2022...

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Beth Moulam and support team. AAC user and self advocate, Woman wearing glasses and flower headband and neck garland.


Speaking up for ourselves, so we can achieve what we want in life, is a skill everyone needs to learn, not just those of us with disabilities. At its simplest...

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Beth Moulam using Mac, TD Pilot and Proloquo4Text

AI for speech

There’s been a lot in the press and on social media in recent months about AI for speech. It seems artificial intelligence, might offer benefits for many people with communication...

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How I communicate

I was doing some work on my website and found this video made 'some time' ago. It is about how I communicate. These days I often refer to myself as...

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Beth Moulam, Boccia competition, on court with sports assistant

BOCCIA & TEAM WORK: No communication allowed

Boccia is a Paralympic sport, and like all sports governed by strict rules.  It is a target game played indoors by individuals and pairs or teams, accuracy and tactics matter...

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Thinking time or a mind blank?

Do you ever get asked a question and like me feel put on the spot and react like the ‘rabbit in the headlights’?  I always thought this was something to...

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