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Happy new AACademic year 2023. the 0 is a globe held in the air with a teachers hat on top. The background is dark green and the writing white chalk.

AACademic New Year

September in England marks the return to school, colleges and higher educational establishments for a new academic year. It might feel daunting to have an AAC user in your sessions.  Here are my 9 top tips around access and communication that may support a Happy AACademic New Year when you...

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Yellow background, battery depleted with sad face icon, AAC

More than just physical fatigue

I’ve read a few things recently about other people’s fatigue.  At times I can see similarities to my own lack of energy, at other times I find little in common.  We are all different, and so the solutions to dealing with our own fatigue will differ. More recently I’ve come...

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Beth Moulam and support team. AAC user and self advocate, Woman wearing glasses and flower headband and neck garland.


Speaking up for ourselves, so we can achieve what we want in life, is a skill everyone needs to learn, not just those of us with disabilities. At its simplest level self-advocacy is being able to communicate our needs, but we all know it isn’t always as easy as it...

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Beth Moulam using Mac, TD Pilot and Proloquo4Text

AI for speech

There’s been a lot in the press and on social media in recent months about AI for speech. It seems artificial intelligence, might offer benefits for many people with communication impairments.  It was a chance remark that made me realise AI for speech has been present in my life for...

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UNCRPD committee Geneva

What gets measured gets done

On Monday 6 March 2023, Jacob Matthew (Australia) and I had the opportunity to address the 288h UNCRPD committee on communication rights.  We were privileged to once more be representing the International Communication Rights Alliance (ICRA).  I've always believed what gets measured gets done, so I think what we were...

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Beth Moulam ABC or A to Z of AAC. Lived experiences thoughts, views and opinions

A to Z of AAC

I'd been toying with the idea of an A to Z of AAC for months.  Suddenly October seemed the right time to share my thoughts as it was international AAC awareness month.  I've published every day on social media, mainly Twitter with what's below, and with a bit more explanation...

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Beth Moulam holding stylus to direct input to communicate using AAC. Woman using AAC wearing glasses and sporting white sports top.

Direct input to communicate using AAC

Being given all the tools to communicate is brilliant.  However, being human there are sometimes unexpected physical and environmental factors that impact our output. Occasionally however hard I try I just don’t seem to be able to make my body support direct input to communicate using AAC.   By occasional I...

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