Living life to the full celebrating cerebral palsy, speech and hearing impairments and using Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC

I’ve been a dreamer all my life...

I believe that dreaming, whether awake or asleep, comes from a place deep inside each of us.

Sparked by passion, unconscious wishes or a desire to achieve something special in life.

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Hi to everyone. My name is Beth Moulam, I have cerebral palsy, CP, and use AAC
Hi to everyone. My name is Beth!
This website was originally created in 2008, when I was 14.

The aim was to share my personal views, experiences and opinions with specific spotlight areas relating to my lived experience of cerebral palsy (CP), dysarthria which creates speech and eating challenges, and a hearing impairment.

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Beth and Christie flying over great barrier reef, living the dream

Passion For Potential

I’m living my own dream, and learning to fly in life.

About me

Upcoming Events

I’m sharing here events that interest me or where I have an active part to play. Let’s hope we all get back to ‘normal’ soon, but meanwhile please note there are plenty of digital events.

Latest News Articles

You can read my latest blog here. All my posts are related in some way to my cerebral palsy, my speech impairment which I augment using AAC, and/or my hearing impairment.

Beth Moulam, graduate University of York, boccia player at university of york, releasing ball, with ramp assistant

University of York Alumni Voices

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Thea from the University of York Alumni Voices recently. This was for an online article about my time at the University of York and my Paralympic boccia selection.  Those of you who...

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Open bags and suitcases in navy blue with Great Britain logos

Packing for the Paralympics

The bags and cases have been packed, unpacked, repacked, weighed, and weighed again, and still need some tweaking.  Packing for a boccia camp or a holiday is always a military operation. Packing for the Paralympics takes on a whole new...

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Beth Moulam playing boccia with assistant wearing visor

Am I good enough?

Every now and then I have a niggle of self-doubt, asking myself “am I good enough?”  Growing up in mainstream school I was the only disabled pupil with a power chair and communication device. Then at special school in my...

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