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Life is for living to the full, this means ensuring we have to the best of our ability both good physical well-being, as well as good mental and emotional well-being.  Having a disability should not preclude us from either of these, or put us at more risk of experiencing challenges.  Yet unfortunately, it apparently does!

Beth Moulam, woman with Cerebral Palsy in power wheelchair and using communication aid. OUtside enjoying fresh air.I’m sharing in these two different sections some of my well-being experiences.

Feeling fit and healthy

This section is around my views of all things physical related to living with a CP body.

  • First sharing what my life is like living with cerebral palsy.
  • Then delving into 3 ways I keep fit and active:
    • My passion since I was 10 to play the Paralympic sport of boccia
    • My more recent but just as important frame running (was racerunning) which is an activity for life
    • The importance for me of strength and conditioning to supplement boccia and running.

Mental and emotional well-being

It is often quoted that people with communication impairment can be socially isolated and have a greater risk of mental health issues. Here I attempt to explain some of the things that go on in my head and how I maintain a ‘healthy’ outlook on life.

  • A theme throughout my website is the importance of dreams, for me this gives me a focus on my life and what I want to achieve, but here I also share some of the ways in which I go about dreaming.
  • Second, you can read about some of the mindfulness and relaxation techniques I use on a daily basis to keep grounded.
  • Finally something I’ve termed talking together, the benefits I gain from communicating daily clearly and honestly with those people around me.

A word of caution here, these are my lived experiences and what works for me may not suit everyone else.  Nor might my journey be similar or the same as anyone else’s, we are all unique.  My aim is only to share and maybe trigger your own reflections on your own lived experiences.

If you found this interesting or
helpful please feel free to share.
Cerebral Palsy, girl, swimming with flotation device, active lifestyle

Physical Well-being

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Beth Moulam with cerebral palsy. Active lifestyle improves mental and emotional well-being

Mental & Emotional Well-being

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