Physical Well-being

Beth Moulam, girl using power chair, cerebral palsy, glider, life is an adventure

Life is an adventure

I’ve been having adventures every day of my life for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes they have been exciting and exhilarating or occasionally they’ve been scary.  Some we...

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Positive discrimination in boccia

Is it right or fair that a woman should be chosen to represent her nation over a male who has a better competitive track record? Boccia is a mixed gender...

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Beth Moulam, Boccia competition, on court with sports assistant

BOCCIA & TEAM WORK: No communication allowed

Boccia is a Paralympic sport, and like all sports governed by strict rules.  It is a target game played indoors by individuals and pairs or teams, accuracy and tactics matter...

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Beth Moulam with cerebral palsy, wearing green. Augmentative and Alternative Communication user, AAC, deaf

Being kind to myself

Like so many people I’ve found the last few weeks have been different to anything I have ever experienced.  It’s been a time full of highs and lows, with a...

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beth moulam, cerebral palsy, boccia

Everything is possible

My disability does not define me, however, it definitely defines how some people see me. Just like others I am successfully navigating my life, striving to achieve the best I...

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Boccia rules

Boccia has, and continues to be, a passion. After playing since I was 10 in 2016 I suddenly had to stop throwing.  This was caused by a combination of overheating...

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