Augmentative and alternative communication

AAC spoons and speech fatigue. 5 coloured plastic spoons in pink, green, orange, purple and red on a pink background as a visual for spoon theory

AAC, spoons and speech fatigue

I’ve spent several years using spoon theory to effectively explain to others my physical energy and fatigue levels. However, I realise that spoon theory could also be adapted to self-management...

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UNCRPD committee meeting 15 August 2022, Geneva. Inside the chamber.

International Communication Rights Alliance

I've been a committee member on the International Communication Rights Alliance (ICRA) since January 2021. ICRA has been working towards operationalising communication rights for those with comprehensive communication needs.  Jacob...

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How I communicate

I was doing some work on my website and found this video made 'some time' ago. It is about how I communicate. These days I often refer to myself as...

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