AAC Awareness

Using AAC confidently and competently, device is an iPad with a yellow and blue screen

Competence and confidence

Recently I had a very interesting conversation, which set me thinking. I’m 28 and I’m only now finding my feet when it comes to confidently communicating ‘verbally’. By this, I...

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Beth Moulam hugging communication device AAC

I love Lucy

And, why wouldn’t I love Lucy? Lucy is my voice. She is what I sound like, both to others, and when I hear my voice. Most people don’t think about...

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Beth Moulam, girl in red and white t shirt, looking at books sat in wheelchair, world book day

World Book Day and developing literacy

In celebration of world book day, I thought I'd do a developing literacy post.  Without the ability to read then the world of written books remains inaccessible. Literacy is a...

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Beth Moulam, video conference and AAC guidance. Woman using AAC wearing glasses and sportingwhite sports top.

AAC and video conferencing

Back at the start of the pandemic, I published here some information on communicating with AAC and video conferencing.  Over time I have added and embellished this guidance based on my...

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Two women, Beth Moulam and Christie Hutchings wearing red jackets holding the Paralympic Torch in Tokyo 2021

Reflecting on 2021

A strangely different year of highs, lows, close encounters, and building long-distance relationships for everyone. Definitely, reflecting on 2021 has been a year when I guess we’ve all had times...

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2 balls on a balance board to show planned versus spontaneity in augmentative and alternative communication using AAC

Using AAC means being understood

Have you ever opened your mouth to speak only to find you can’t get a word into the conversation? Or managed to say something, just at the point everyone goes...

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AAC users socialising, sharing my passion for AAC, in Lisbon at ISAAC 2014

AAC and identity

We are all different.  A big part of my own identity is undoubtedly my physical disability, my communication impairment, and my hearing loss, and all of these contribute to how...

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Beth Moulam in power chair using communication aid, sports assistant holding microphone to communication aid so Beth's voice can be heard at Leeds Arena

Boccia and AAC

I’ve been thinking about the skills I needed for boccia at Tokyo 2020. Especially, how being a communication aid user helped me to achieve my dream of representing my nation...

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Beth Moulam playing boccia with assistant wearing visor

Am I good enough?

Every now and then I have a niggle of self-doubt, asking myself “am I good enough?”  Growing up in mainstream school I was the only disabled pupil with a power...

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