Beth Moulam, boccia athlete at closing ceremony Tokyo 2020 with Christie Hutchings sports assistant. Wearing red and blue GB kit and masks.

Staying clean

Elite-level sport must be the only time in life when you are expected to wee in front of an absolute stranger.  It’s necessary to prove that the sample of urine...

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Beth Moulam in power chair using communication aid, sports assistant holding microphone to communication aid so Beth's voice can be heard at Leeds Arena

Boccia and AAC

I’ve been thinking about the skills I needed for boccia at Tokyo 2020. Especially, how being a communication aid user helped me to achieve my dream of representing my nation...

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Open bags and suitcases in navy blue with Great Britain logos

Packing for the Paralympics

The bags and cases have been packed, unpacked, repacked, weighed, and weighed again, and still need some tweaking.  Packing for a boccia camp or a holiday is always a military...

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