Mental and emotional well-being

Beth Moulam CP Athlete with GB at Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

I might look disabled to others, but as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because I’m surrounded every time we meet by technology does not...

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Beth Moulam, boccia athlete, in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games athlete village in front of the agitos logo. Wearing pale blue GB kit, hat and sunglasses on head. Reflections on stepping back from boccia

Stepping back

Stepping back from elite sport can always be a challenge. Especially so when on the face of things you are succeeding and people see you on a roll. Then, when...

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AAC users socialising, sharing my passion for AAC, in Lisbon at ISAAC 2014

AAC and identity

We are all different.  A big part of my own identity is undoubtedly my physical disability, my communication impairment, and my hearing loss, and all of these contribute to how...

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Beth Moulam in power chair using communication aid, sports assistant holding microphone to communication aid so Beth's voice can be heard at Leeds Arena

Boccia and AAC

I’ve been thinking about the skills I needed for boccia at Tokyo 2020. Especially, how being a communication aid user helped me to achieve my dream of representing my nation...

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Beth Moulam playing boccia with assistant wearing visor

Am I good enough?

Every now and then I have a niggle of self-doubt, asking myself “am I good enough?”  Growing up in mainstream school I was the only disabled pupil with a power...

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Beth Moulam sat in power chair outside using communication device, AAC. Talking with Christie, her boccia sports assistant who is crouching. Both wearing navy sports kit with Boccia UK logo.

To verbalise or not to verbalise - choosing to use AAC

This has been on my mind for several months now. Back in February, I found something wrong with my mouth, I had a lump in my cheek and it was...

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Living the dream

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected for Tokyo 2020 to represent GB Paralympics at Boccia.  For me, this is living the dream. Several people have asked how I...

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Beth Moulam with cerebral palsy, wearing green. Augmentative and Alternative Communication user, AAC, deaf

Being kind to myself

Like so many people I’ve found the last few weeks have been different to anything I have ever experienced.  It’s been a time full of highs and lows, with a...

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