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Beth Moulam, girl in red and white t shirt, looking at books sat in wheelchair, world book day

World Book Day and developing literacy

In celebration of world book day, I thought I'd do a developing literacy post.  Without the ability to read then the world of written books remains inaccessible. Literacy is a subject close to my heart, for many reasons.  For those of us who are lifelong users of AAC, there seem...

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International Wheelchair Day

Happy international wheelchair day.  When I was 7 I asked for a power chair for my birthday. Until then I had been pushed first in a pushchair, then in a McLaren buggy, and then in a manual chair. Not long before I’d met some adult AAC users and they all...

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Beth Moulam holding stylus to direct input to communicate using AAC. Woman using AAC wearing glasses and sporting white sports top.

AAC and video conferencing

Back at the start of the pandemic, I published here some information on communicating with AAC and video conferencing.  Over time I have added and embellished this guidance based on my experiences and learning with different groups. Appoint 2 hosts (minimum) Running a video meeting can be quite complex, particularly when...

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The roofline of York Minster

Blue badge parking in York

I live in the beautiful and vibrant city of York.  A place that is full of history, culture, and art.  With streets full of cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs.  Shops galore.  As a powerchair user, I have always accepted some of York will be inaccessible to me. There are many...

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Two women, Beth Moulam and Christie Hutchings wearing red jackets holding the Paralympic Torch in Tokyo 2021

Reflecting on 2021

A strangely different year of highs, lows, close encounters, and building long-distance relationships for everyone. Definitely, reflecting on 2021 has been a year when I guess we’ve all had times of overload and periods to reflect on the meaning of our own lives. Highs and lows My highs were, without...

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Beth Moulam, overcoming adversity in sport

Adversity in sport

Last week I was short-listed for a CP Sport award for overcoming adversity in sport.  I’m not sure who had put me up for the award and I was pleasantly surprised.  I guess it’s nice to think someone believes you are worthy of a sporting award. Even if you are...

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Beth Moulam BC3 boccia athlete and Christie Hutchings Ramp Operator. Wearing sports kit and clear lip reading masks. Beth with thumbs up, showing delight qualified for the BC3 individual semi-finals.

So much more than boccia

As Piglet says life is an adventure, and this trip was certainly one to remember, definitely a full-on adventure.  From the highs of coming 4th individually in the first-ever BISFed European boccia women's competition, to the lows of coming 4th in the newly configured mixed pair event.  But the trip...

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