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Beth Moulam with AAC role model, shopping in city. Beth wears turquoise and is sat in a wheelchair with communication aid mounted in front of her. Man is sat in power wheelchair wearing purple and has communication aid mounted on his wheelchair.

AAC role models

This last weekend I was privileged to be invited back to a 1 Voice family weekend. I started going to this annual event when I was 7 years old. It is one of the safe places that shaped me as a communication aid user through meeting AAC role models.  It...

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Beth Moulam, GB Boccia Paralympian 2020. Beth sits in power chair delivering a boccia training session. She has her communication aid, known as an AAC device, mounted on the front of her chair. Beth wears white trainers, navy bottoms and a red GB top. Beth is also wearing glasses.. The sports hall floor is blue and in the foreground is the hand of a player who has thrown a blue boccia ball onto the court. Beth has retired from boccia but life never stands still she is still involved in delivery of the sport.

Moving forward with AAC: Life never stands still

I'm moving forward with AAC, life never stands still. Are you like me?  Finding that things in life constantly evolve? Following my decision to retire from elite boccia I’ve been doing a lot of reflection.  Rightly, I think I’ve been questioning where next? And, was I right in my future...

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Using AAC confidently and competently, device is an iPad with a yellow and blue screen

Competence and confidence

Recently I had a very interesting conversation, which set me thinking. I’m 28 and I’m only now finding my feet when it comes to confidently communicating ‘verbally’. By this, I mean communicating with those who don’t know me, or who haven't met an AAC user before.  I’ve always put myself...

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Beth Moulam hugging communication device AAC

I love Lucy

And, why wouldn’t I love Lucy? Lucy is my voice. She is what I sound like, both to others, and when I hear my voice. Most people don’t think about their voice, it’s just that, a part of them. Their voice. So why do I love Lucy? The shock of...

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Beth Moulam CP Athlete with GB at Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

I might look disabled to others, but as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because I’m surrounded every time we meet by technology does not mean I’m incapable of having a high-quality life. This month is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and I've seen lots of...

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Beth Moulam Paralympian at The Vale Primary School leading assembly on dreams, hard work and resilience.

Marching on

My last blog post was about stepping back from boccia and retiring as an elite athlete. I’ve known for a long time what I wanted to do when I had the time and energy to move forward. So, now I’m marching on with those plans. My retirement from boccia was...

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Beth Moulam, boccia athlete, in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games athlete village in front of the agitos logo. Wearing pale blue GB kit, hat and sunglasses on head. Reflections on stepping back from boccia

Stepping back

Stepping back from elite sport can always be a challenge. Especially so when on the face of things you are succeeding and people see you on a roll. Then, when after years of dreaming and hard work you are beginning to fulfill your potential on a world stage. Reflecting on...

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