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Using AAC at home. Courtyard garden with planting

Using AAC at home

Using AAC at home and in the wider community has to be a real goal in my mind.  Schools are reactive environments for many children who use AAC, answering questions in the closed context of the lesson. Or maybe making functional choices at break times. By comparison outside school there...

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AAC speech is not free. Picture of an ipad used as a communication device

AAC speech is not free

We live in a society where we supposedly have the right to freedom of speech.  The majority of the population can say what they think, when they want and where they want.  Speech is a privilege that many people take for granted. I’d like to turn this concept on its...

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Ablestay London external view, grey bungalow with ramped access

London has become accessible

I love to travel, however, going away is never easy with a disability. We love seeing family and friends too. My grandpa and one uncle live down south, but so do a lot of friends and family who we are really close to. Partly because the first 19 years of...

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Beth Moulam aged 10, with CP, using AAC device lightwriter. Wearing pink on a sunny day.

AAC and my thoughts at 10 years old

I’ve been speaking in public since I was 11, back in 2005.  The very first time I was in front of an audience I felt hesitant but I got really good feedback.  I’d been asked to share a few thoughts about how I felt as a communication aid user with...

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AAC spoons and speech fatigue. 5 coloured plastic spoons in pink, green, orange, purple and red on a pink background as a visual for spoon theory

AAC, spoons and speech fatigue

I’ve spent several years using spoon theory to effectively explain to others my physical energy and fatigue levels. However, I realise that spoon theory could also be adapted to self-management of my speech production. There is a definite link between my physical energy and fatigue levels and my speech production...

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UNCRPD committee meeting 15 August 2022, Geneva. Inside the chamber.

International Communication Rights Alliance

I've been a committee member on the International Communication Rights Alliance (ICRA) since January 2021. ICRA has been working towards operationalising communication rights for those with comprehensive communication needs.  Jacob Matthews of Australia and I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of ICRA at the opening of the 27th...

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Beth Moulam at Naidex 2022. Beth sits in wheelchair in front of Naidex poster anything is possible. Ableism and communication impairment.

Ableism and communication impairment

There has been so much on social media recently about ableism. One tweet “abled bodied privilege is ….the advantage people have simply for not being disabled’ got me thinking. Sorry, I don't recall who posted this. During the summer term, I was invited to give 2 mainstream school assemblies about...

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