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Everything is possible

My disability does not define me, however, it definitely defines how some people see me. Just like others I am successfully navigating my life, striving to achieve the best I can. Others may see me as having cerebral palsy, using a power chair, needing an electronic communication aid, wearing hearing...

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Boccia rules

Boccia has, and continues to be, a passion. After playing since I was 10 in 2016 I suddenly had to stop throwing.  This was caused by a combination of overheating when wearing skins for support (shorts, top and gauntlet) and finding after wearing them for years to play I could...

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Beth Moulam woman with cerebral palsy. Wears a purple sleeveless jacket. Sat in electric power chair, in front a communication aid, AAC device is mounted on a stand at the front of the chair.

2018: the year that will live long in my heart and my memories

Each year I think that this year is the best, nothing can beat it…..and yet…I know 2019 will be amazing before we really even start. 2018, is the year that will live long in my heart and my memories. January I unexpectedly had to move when my landlord sold the flat...

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