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Communication 2014

My communication hasn’t changed much over the years, just that new technology has given me more options (look at the rest of my site).  I have produced this short video for the academic team at Uni so they can understand a bit more about how to communicate with me when we work together.

Communication 2008

summer2008 009I have had high tech communication aids since I was 4 years old. But using an electronic aid is only part of how I communicate with people.

Take a look and see what else I do:

How I communicate




I love to be independent and shopping can be fun. This is me out on my own.

Shopping independently

A friend suggested just for fun I did an ABC of the things that mean independence to me (thanks Caroline) so take a look at this.  These are people, places and things that support me and how I feel about being independent.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnglMLoLWqU