Personal Assistance

I have had personal assistants since I was 12.  Personal Assistants are essential for me to live an independent life and help me with a huge range of daily living tasks. This varies from helping me with dressing and eating to driving me to where I want to go (although not for long as I am now learning to drive and I plan to drive myself on shorter journeys!).  They make notes for me on my iPad in lessons and meetings as I cannot hold a pen and write more than a few words.  They scribe what I want to say if I need to write as it’s time consuming and tiring for me to physically type for long periods.  Under direction they carry out most everyday tasks that are either impossible for me such as cooking and plugging in equipment or would take me all day to do alone like packing a bag.

Personal Assistance is the term used to explain this type of support. Following assessment Social Services provide me with the funds to employ my own staff when I’m not in education, to pay all of their costs associated with working for me including running a payroll etc.