I didn’t know I was competitive until I was 10 and I played in my first boccia game. It’s an amazing sport for athletes with cerebral palsy and similar conditions. Players throw or roll a ball in a target game.  At 10 I couldn’t hold a ball so used a ramp but as my hands got bigger I have progresses and I am a BC2 player (classification).

I played for several clubs including Boccia Epsom and Ewell until September 2013 when I moved to Uni.  In the last year I have trained with the Boccia England Talent Squad and was lucky enough to be selected for this season to join the Boccia England Lions Squad (England ‘B’ team). Lots of information can be found through Boccia England who are the national governing body for Boccia.

Whilst I love to play I have also had the opportunity to take part in the Youth Sports Trust National Youth Coaching Academy and I am qualified as a regional referee.

LONDON 2012 has to have been the best time ever.  I got to visit the Beach Volley Ball, my choice after I got hooked during a holiday in the States.

During the paralympics I was lucky enough to go to 13 sessions across 8 days seeing boccia (of course), track cycling at the Velodrome, athletics, swimming, rowing and dressage.  AWESOME each venue had an atmosphere all of its own but a magical experience!






LONDON PREPARES 2012 though club connections we managed to get tickets for the London prepares boccia events in May.  This was my first visit to the Olympic Park and we got to see it with virtually no-one else on site. Quite different from the main events.

The boccia was great but with a restricted entry so it took place over 3 days instead of the week for the Paralympics.